The Red Hour

We intend to create a piece on the ongoing idea of birth-death and rebirth. The idea of building/ constructing/ forming and the effect of time on the bodies/ societies in this everlasting, often bloody struggle that leads to destruction. But as history shows, people always find the way and strength to restart, to reactivate their hope to start all over again. The piece for the Red Hour / Pafos, will focus on the idea of starting over and over again. On the pattern of history that honors the people’s ability to move forward, to survive, to create no matter how harsh and violent reality or situations can be. We want to create a piece where the local audience will immediately recognize their own struggles and identify with all people that have lived before them, in that same town, in that particular castle and how the human race in general has a similar pattern of fighting, surviving, dreaming and hoping.

The performance will be performed with live music played by the Danish composer and musician Gert Ø. Pedersen.

The lighting design in both countries will be designed by the Cypriot artist Karolina Spyrou.

“The Red Hour” is choreographed by Fotis Nikolaou from Cyprus and Melody Putu from South Africa. The audience can look forward to a fantastic outdoor dance performance under the open sky, and where it will ooze of life on the venue.