About 100 LIKES

What happens if you do not get any “LIKES”?

If you do not exist on Facebook, Instagram – do you then exist?

100 LIKES focuses on young people’s vulnerability and their dependence on social medias and everlasting pursuit to be seen.

Choreographer Mari Carrasco creates with speed, energy, humor and irony one choreographic world where young people are at the center. The concept has been created in collaboration with Marie Brolin-Tani, who is artistic director of Black Box Dance Company.

Duration: Approximately 60 minutes incl. audience conversation

Choreography: Mari Carrasco
Idea and concept: Marie Brolin-Tani
Music: Henrik Munch
Dancers: 3 dancers from Black Box Dance Company

“100 LIKES” has and still is the most popular performance we have for touring, so it will also be available to book for touring in season 2016/2017.