Artistic Director

Marie Brolin-Tani is the Artistic Director of Black Box Dance Company.

Marie was born in Stockholm. She studied at Balettakademien in Stockholm for three years since 1976. After graduation, she continued to study dance at the London School of Contemporary Dance and Centre de Danse du Marais, Paris. Marie worked as a dancer in Den Jyske Opera (1982-1984) and Arhus Teater (1984-1987) and then she began her work as a choreographer. In 1992 she started MBT Danseteater in Aarhus, Denmark and this company became one of the leading dance companies in Denmark. She worked in Aarhus for many years. Marie has created many ballet productions, and performances all over Europe. In 2001 Marie was appointed as Director and CEO of Skånes Dansteater in Malmö, Sweden. After seven successful years, she finished the contract and began to teach at the School of Contemporary Dance in Copenhagen. In 2013, she became the Artistic Director of Black Box Dance Company, Holstebro.

Marie’s passion is to work with young dancers, who are in the beginning of their career, and that is what the dancers in Black Box Dance Company all are. Several of Marie’s choreographies has been nominated for the Danish prize Reumert. Marie is a member of the Scandinavian House in Budapest, Hungary.

Marie Brolin-Tani hopes that Black Box Dance Company will be the whole regions dance company, and that it will become a part of the many activities, which happens in the whole region. Therefore Marie wants to make the commercial more artistic. An idea to do this was to introduce the concept of “lunch dance”, which involves that the Company acting out in different companies. While employees are eating so acting dancers from Black Box Dance Company for them – this has been really well received, and has been a wonderful successfull experience. The idea with this is to break down the barriers between the commercial and the artistic – “we want people to enjoy dance and attract more people to our performances. In many countries, for example in Brazil, the majority of the dancers are men, while here in Holstebro there are few boys in the dance schools. This barrier, we hope, among other things to break with our dance company” says Marie.