About Black Box Dance Company

Since spring 2013, Black Box Theatre has had its own dance company; Black Box Dance Company.

Holstebro, the city where the dance company is based, has already a well established talent development process which already starts at kindergarten level. The Black Box Dance Company provides a highly developed final stepping stone to this process, so we can strengthen the entire tribe of talented young people. For the young graduating dancers, the importance of having role models in their environment is a true inspiration.

Several times a year we have the possibilty to provide places for interns, who follows the training and rehearsals together with our dancers.

Black Box Dance Company started out in 2013 with 6 handpicked professional European dancers, who were at the beginning of their career, but expanded in October 2014 to 8 dancers, because it was neeeded for the performance “PUSH” and later “7EVEN”.

The dancers who are part of Black Box Dance Company at the moment are Anna Stamp Møller (Denmark), Charlotte Arnold (England), Joshua Scott (England), Lionel Ah-Sou (France), Marco Rizzi (Italy), Mason Jubb (England), Paulína Šmatláková (Slovakia), Zaneta Majcher (Poland) samt praktikanterne Erica Mulkern (England) og Shawn Willis (England).

In 2013 our company premiered with our first performance “Viva, Vive!”. This was an idea we created and performed in collaboration with 6 dancers from Ballet Jovem in Brazil. Viva, Vive! was only performed in Holstebro and Brazil in 2013, but in the autumn of 2014 it was on tour in Denmark, Sweden and other countries. In the spring of 2014 the company created a new performance called “100 LIKES”. This performance was performed in Holstebro and on tour in Denmark and Sweden. In connection with the Danish culture effort in China, we also travelled to China in 2014 and performed “100 LIKES” in several different cities, and in autumn 2015 we also performed it at a festival in Tanzania. In 2016 we have been choozen between 680 applicants to perform it at the famous Tanzmesse in Düsseldorf. This performance keeps on being on the repertoire in the season 2016/2017.

In the spring of 2015 we presented the premiere of the performance “PUSH”. This performance consists of two different pieces choreographed by the 5 time Reumert winner Tim Rushton and the talented choreographer Edhem Jesenkovic. This performance was on tour again in September and October 2015.

In March 2016 we premiered on a new performance called “7EVEN”, which is choreographed by Fotis Nikolaou from Cyprus. “7EVEN ” is nominated for the Danish price Reumert in the category for beeing the ” Best Dance performance / Performance of the year” . “7EVEN” has also had its premiere in a smaller version, which goes under the title ” 7Eeven” which fits very well to smaller venues, schools and festivals .

In the end of September 2016, the company has premiere on a new performance called CARMINA BURANA – ” Black Box Dance Company with Friends “. In this performance we include, for the first time, talented dancers from the Danish Talent Academy and from the Royal Ballet School in Holstebro, and we also have a young woman in a wheelchair, who has the leading part of this performance.